Kalyanaraman loves to span generations.

It all started when he got his hands on a manuscript of  a Sanskrit work written by his great grandfather, comprising of some 200 verses in Sanskrit. He translated Ganesatatwasudhalahari into Tamil and English, taking the help of some experts.

More than anything else, the process gave him an insight into the way his great-grandfather felt and he had a strong urge to write about the times he lived in. He, like all his forefathers before him was born in the sacred Cauvery delta.

Thus was born, Songs of the Cauvery

He connected with his son, Raghava KK, collaborating with him in illustrating another forthcoming (at the time of writing) book of his– The Sorcerer of Mandala, a fantasy adventure for young adults.

His long-term project involves his grandson, all of eight, who read all about chemical elements during his holiday in India. He was inspired to write a book on chemistry for kids, in collaboration with his grandfather that will be even more entertaining than it is educational.

He was lucky to be born in the Cauvery delta, close to where the Kaveri River wends its way to the sea. He studied in Delhi, did most of his schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai. He graduated from IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta, collecting names in the honors list along the way and being active in editorial and other cultural activities.

After working his way for a short while in senior management positions in companies like Godrej, MICO, Larsen& Toubro he decided to become an entrepreneur and ended up becoming a serial entrepreneur, promoting companies along the way in the areas of Power, Metal working, Electronics, Software, IT services etc.

During this time, he wrote plays, staged them, acted in a movie and in a Hindi serial, conducted workshops on creativity, communication, leadership etc., gave keynote addresses and talks in different forums, wrote articles and generally had fun.

In 2006, he decided that he had enough and sold the IP he had generated, merged his companies with a Tech company that was an industry leader and was a President of the combined entity until 2010, when he quit and decided to become a full-time writer.

He lives and writes in Bangalore with his wife, children being scattered around the globe. He also mentors a few startups on a pro bono basis and encourages and promotes innovation among children.

He writes exceedingly well, except for a tendency to refer to himself in the third person.