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Adventures of a grand father

Anagi is my granddaughter who is all of three and a bit. Her recent arrival with her brother Ruby (adventures with Ruby is a story for another day) has improved my self-awareness beyond belief. I know of men objectifying women. But, Anagi chooses to objectify herthatha (that’s me). She climbs onto my neck, using my […]

Dad, Tell me a story…

Are you a parent/ grandparent who is stumped when your child/ grandchild asks you for a story every night? If so, the post is just right for you. And I can tell you; it really works. I hit upon the idea of interactive stories one night when my son after seven straight nights of made-up […]

The Silly and the Sublime

(Conversations in a monastery) (Scene in a monastery. Seated are PLATO, EINSTEIN, JOSHU, AN ONLOOKER, SANKARA, DISCIPLE1 and DISCIPLE2. DISCIPLE1 sits near JOSHU and ONLOOKER near PLATO) DISCIPLE 1: (To JOSHU) Master JOSHU, I am confused by what you say. What is the sound of one hand clapping? JOSHU: Come here. (DISCIPLE1 approaches. JOSHU slaps […]

9 Croans that will enlighten you

Croans are zen-like questions or statements concerning a crow. If you meditate on these every day for three days or one year, whichever is shorter, you will get enlightened. What is the difference between a crow? Would a crow by any other name caw as loudly? All crows are crows, except others. If you were […]